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Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Since 1989, the Nobel Peace Prize Forum has served as a portal and a platform for educational, business, research, artistic, and other organizations to draw inspiration and lessons from the exemplary work of the Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The mission of the forum is to inspire peacemaking efforts, in their many forms, and lift up the work of recent Peace Prize laureates.

Hosted by a strong consortium of colleges and universities, the primary focus of the event is to educate a new generation of peacemakers and change agents to carry forward the work and goals, as stated in Alfred Nobel’s will of promoting “fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Reflecting the multidimensional nature of peace, and the range of different recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Forum develops programing and supports efforts in five main areas:

  • Disarmament and Conflict Resolution
  • Economic Development and Poverty Reduction
  • Health and Well-being
  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Sustainability

These reflect a broad conceptualization of peace as a state of human affairs in which people are able to lead full, rich, meaningful lives.  The achievements of the Peace Prize laureates over the course of the last century have worked in many ways to foster this kind of community.

The laureates have been recognized for their actions and the concrete results of their work, and the Nobel Peace Prize Forum is likewise focused on action and results.  Through high-level dialogue sessions at each year’s forum, practitioners, stakeholders, and decision-makers meet to advance work on pressing current issues such as job creation, peace education, and police-community relations.  Through hands-on skills trainings, students and citizens gain the skills and insights needed to more effectively promote human rights, reduce violence, and promote sustainable economic opportunities.

We welcome all to this important work, and look forward to seeing ways you will contribute to the next Forum!

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